Successfully Cutting My Teeth On Pitmad

(Just a quick update, because life lately has been crazy!) Every quarter, the twitter-verse (which, yes, is in an entirely different universe from ours) runs a contest called #Pitmad. During Pitmad, thousands and thousands of authors around the world pitch their works on twitter, going through the grueling process of writing and rewriting their hook

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Big Things Coming

It’s been a long road, hasn’t it? I feel like a lot of people say that. A long road, but a fun road. An exciting road. Nothing like Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’, don’t worry. But a steep road, nonetheless. And the destination is in sight. The dream is going to happen. I know it is,

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It’s Time – Read Vicious Memories For Free

A quick post, because I’m neck deep in drafting my next novel (The Sixth Point) while VICIOUS MEMORIES is on submission! In a moment of madness I decided to put some (which may soon turn into all!) of Vicious Memories up on Wattpad so people can read it for free, hopefully enjoy it, and offer

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I Bore Myself Into Writing

Hello.  For today’s trick, I would like to present the greatest tool ever discovered.  Greater than the sword.  Greater than the pen.  Greater even than the wine-opener (just kidding I take that back).

Destroy Your Darlings

Here I am, poking my head out of the hole I’ve been working in for the past three months.  It feels strange, really, almost nerve-wracking to be writing here again.  Did I really used to do this every week or two?


Talk about uncertain times…

Robert’s Rebellion – How Surreal It Is To Live Through History

Disclaimer: Coronavirus is extremely serious – please stay safe.  Care for yourselves, your loved ones, and your neighbors.  Please be a good global citizen and think about the people who are in at-risk categories even if you are not, those who don’t have financial security if you do, and those without access to quality healthcare

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A Swarm of Lightning

“You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use the more you have.” – Maya Angelou In an amazing turn of events, the above quote, which I posted a few weeks ago, has never felt truer.

It’s Not A Formula, It’s Good Story

Can books on writing really help us with our art?  Will they result in the dreaded ‘formulaic’ novel?  Will they stifle our creativity?  Are they a good use of our time compared to actual writing? These are all great questions, and I plan to answer absolutely none of them in this blog post. But they’re

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‘I Had Failed Again…’ – First Page Reveal

As I continue battling through the query trenches (for about 30 minutes every morning – the rest of the day is spent working on my next project), I’ve been getting a lot of lovely questions regarding the status of my recently completed book. Just to string everyone along further (is this nice? mean? idk), I

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