Life Hacks

Life Hacks

That really was too good not to share.  Number 40 still baffles me.

Anchorman Two: The Legend Continues…

You don’t have to like writing to like comedy. Sure the humor is dumb, but if it makes you laugh, it makes you laugh, right?

A good writing related question to insert here is this: which is harder to write, comedy for the big screen or comedy for print? I for one think the answer is comedy for print – hands down. I have huge respect for all the writers out there that can make me laugh just from reading words on paper.

I hope you enjoy the trailer.

Keep your readers in…!

Keep your readers in…!


I think that this article about 6 ways to increase suspense in your novel (including some methods to avoid) is spot on.  As a thriller enthusiast and aspiring thriller novelist, I found them especially helpful, but I think that they can apply to any and all genres.  What do you think?  Are there any that you disagree with?  Or maybe one that you think is more important than the others?

Writing Is Scary…

…and it’s just so damn hard to sit down and do.

Why is that?

It’s hard for the same reason doing any piece of real work is hard. People have this misconception that writing is easy because all you have to do is sit on your computer and type a bunch of words in a line until… boom! You have a great story. If that were the case then anyone could make a million dollars off of the story: Jellybean Sasquatch sidewinders discombobulate.

It takes effort to put together words that actually make sense, and because only we are accountable for making ourselves write on our own time, we often find whole days – and then weeks – slipping by without having written a single word. After all, who in the world would willingly take time out of their day to sit down and solve a complex calculus problem?

For most of us out there, writing is a passion – a passion that doesn’t pay. We have day jobs because getting a day job [pays our immediate bills and] is easier than taking the leap of faith and turning our passion into a career (this goes for more than just writing). Just like many people struggle through two jobs to achieve their goal of owning their house, or sending their child to get a better education, some aspiring writers could benefit from turning writing into a second job instead of just a hobby. The end goal of working two jobs isn’t a house or college education, though. It’s the chance to turn that second job into our only job.

Watch this motivational (and funny) Ted Talk from Larry Smith to find out why you really should pursue your passion. And for those of you who don’t know or haven’t yet discovered what Ted Talks is — you’re welcome.

Writers and Astronauts

The Overview Effect – it’s what the space traveling community calls the feeling astronauts get in space when looking down on the Earth from their windows.  Those who have experienced it say it reveals the true meaning of the word awe.  They get to see what our planet is like as a whole, removed from all the little story lines of individual human lives.

Sound familiar?  It does to me.  I can’t help but think about the different ways an author and a first time reader view a book.  The author is the astronaut, with the big picture in mind, and the reader is the person on the ground, going through the storyline of their lives, unaware of what comes next. 

Astronauts think that the overview effect is more beautiful than seeing the Earth from the ground.  What do you think?  Is a book better appreciated by the author or literary expert doing analysis who sees the big picture?  Or is the reader, experiencing all of the surprise and emotion of the character and story they’re following, the more “awe struck” of the two?

Maybe there’s an answer, or maybe the answer is a mix of the two.  Either way I highly recommend watching this video about the Overview Effect – it really makes you think.

Introductions Suck…

They’re boring and usually strained.  So I’m going to skip a lengthy intro and just say a couple sentences about this blog.

My name is David Ben-Ami and I love to write.  I also love sports, good television and movies, and being healthy.  This blog is about all of those things.  Yes it’s called Fiction All Day, and it will be mostly about writing, but writing has as much to do with the author as the story.  This is where I’ll talk about things that interest me, whether it be a writing technique, a good new book, a momentous occasion in the sports world, or an inspiring article.  If it interests you, read it, if not, skip it!

That’s it for my intro.  Until next time…