Happy Writing

TedTalks seems to be on a roll here at FictionAllDay. ‘The Happy Secret to Better Work’ is a great, light video that is both inspiring and incredibly helpful. Shawn Achor is both charismatic and funny, which makes this 12 minute video seem even shorter. I’ll bet that we’ve all found it to be true that being happier leads to better work (and better relationships, sleep, … Continue reading Happy Writing

J.J. Abrams’s Mystery Box

An incredible talk given by one of the greatest story creators / writers in the world today. I’ll mostly let the talk speak for itself, but what Abrams was speaking about during the first half of this video seemed really important to me. In the first part of this presentation, Abrams retraces his steps to find what really got him into creating stories in the … Continue reading J.J. Abrams’s Mystery Box