Bring it to the Beach?

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Bring it to the Beach?

It’s one of those questions that has always split writers in half, and probably always will. Should we bring our writing with us on vacation?

Now before we go any further, I have put in the warning that there are many angles to this answer, and I’m not going to end this with a 100% definitive yes or no.

There are two incredibly common arguments against bringing our writing with us on vacation. Is a vacation really a vacation if we bring our work with us? And, we need that vacation time to unwind and let our creative mind recharge, so is it really a good idea for us to write while we’re away?

But there are good arguments in favor of writing on vacation too. On vacation, we don’t have the everyday worries of running our errands or going to our day job. We’re also in an incredibly relaxed state, and it would do us some good to see what great ideas can spring from our fingers while we sit around relaxing.

I’m sure that just as every writer is different, every person has a different answer to this question. My answer is very simple.

Yes, we should write, but no, it should not have to do with our current project.

Vacation is a perfect time to just let the words come out – write about the beautiful day outside, the reflection we did on the beach that intrigues us, how peaceful and relaxed we feel, what we miss at home, etc. This way we’re still relaxing, and feel like we’re on vacation, but we also aren’t worrying or stressing about our current project. We’re still recharging our creative minds because we put our current project aside, and we also keep our writing skills sharp by continuing to put words on the paper (read: pixels on the screen). And many of us also know that it’s when we’re writing about nothing in particular that we’re struck by our most dynamite ideas (Yes, in this case it is OK to do work on vacation and write down what that dynamite idea is).

In the end, we’re all going to do what we feel like doing when we’re on vacation – isn’t that what a vacation is? But for me, at least, vacation is that time when our subconscious is waiting to toss out something we never would have thought of before.

P.S. Yes, I’m on vacation right now.

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