J.J. Abrams’s Mystery Box

An incredible talk given by one of the greatest story creators / writers in the world today.

I’ll mostly let the talk speak for itself, but what Abrams was speaking about during the first half of this video seemed really important to me. In the first part of this presentation, Abrams retraces his steps to find what really got him into creating stories in the first place – what was really driving him to do all of the things that he was doing. For him it was the undeniable allure of mystery. What is it for each of us? Finding what is most important to us in storytelling – what it is that most inspires us to put words on paper – is really important. It can lead to a self awareness that helps us focus on what we care about the most. And as we all know, working on something that we really care about is what makes work fun and easy instead of boring and difficult, and what makes something good into something great.

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