It’s a Me Monday

Some of you might be asking, “So, who is this random guy that keeps making posts about writing like he knows what he’s talking about?” To which someone else might answer, “I have absolutely no idea.” “Well, why hasn’t he posted anything about himself?  I’m not looking for a biography, but just a bit of information might be nice.” “I don’t know.  Maybe he hasn’t … Continue reading It’s a Me Monday

Short Stories… Why Bother?

Do people even bother with short stories anymore these days?  When we read the biographies, memoirs, or quotes of the famous authors today, the older generation who have established themselves on real masters of storytelling, there is something that they all share in common: they started with the short story.  And not just one or two, but dozens of them.  But the short story seems … Continue reading Short Stories… Why Bother?