Month: April 2014

Writing in the Rain

I felt driven to put up another short post by the incredible thunderstorm that’s been raging in Nashville for the past 24 hours. I’ve been cooped up for about a week now studying for my second semester senior year finals (my last finals ever), and I’m wishing that I had more time to write.  The lightning that

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The Magic of Words

Proof that even fictional characters can give us the inspiration and wisdom we need to keep on dreaming. Every word, phrase, chapter, or series we create is a little piece of magic.

It’s a Me Monday

Some of you might be asking, “So, who is this random guy that keeps making posts about writing like he knows what he’s talking about?” To which someone else might answer, “I have absolutely no idea.” “Well, why hasn’t he posted anything about himself?  I’m not looking for a biography, but just a bit of

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The Fear in Writing

Why is writing so scary?  I mean, it is, isn’t it?  Maybe not always, but every once in a while you look down at your fingers and pause. Then you glance up at the page marker and whether it says 1, 5, or 500, it doesn’t matter.  You think, “Wow.  I’m positive that what just spilled out

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Short Stories… Why Bother?

Do people even bother with short stories anymore these days?  When we read the biographies, memoirs, or quotes of the famous authors today, the older generation who have established themselves on real masters of storytelling, there is something that they all share in common: they started with the short story.  And not just one or

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Finished! …Kind of

I don’t mind taking a very brief post to shamelessly congratulate myself on finishing the first draft of my most recent project.  It took me several months but I now have an 89,200 word, 360 (paperback) page book that I wrote on my own.  It’s a book that needs a ton of revisions, rewrites, and

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