Finished! …Kind of



I don’t mind taking a very brief post to shamelessly congratulate myself on finishing the first draft of my most recent project.  It took me several months but I now have an 89,200 word, 360 (paperback) page book that I wrote on my own.  It’s a book that needs a ton of revisions, rewrites, and edits, but it’s still there.

While writing the rough draft it seems like once we type that last word the journey will be over and we can package up the shiny new book and ship it off.  But the truth is that we’re far from done.  It’s time to dive into a whole new world of turning your vision from something choppy and half-realized into something polished and vaguely close to what you had imagined when you first sat down in front of the computer.

But it still feels nice.  When writing, sometimes it can take months or years to really finish a project, so we have to take our victories where we can.

Disclaimer: my printed manuscript looks nothing like the nicely type-written page above.  It’s not wrapped in a bow or artfully spread out in a half-circle like a deck of cards.  Here’s what it actually looks like:



Happy writing to everyone out there working on their first draft.

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  1. Congratulations! And a coffee cup salute! (PS: You would’ve loved the ending to 30 Days of Night! It was awesome!) d:)

  2. My first finished novel went through twelve redrafts and is still sitting on a hard drive awaiting further attention! I have since completed two more manuscripts, one of which I have published, But the editing never ends! Neither do the highs of having completed something. Nor the lows of wondering whether anything will ever come of all your efforts. Good luck with all your sweat and tears.

  3. Congratulations on celebrating this magnificent step all the while knowing your journey continues. You have the wisdom it takes to meet your dream and passion head-on. Never give up! Just put on another pot of coffee.

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