Month: May 2014

Keys or Cursive?

Okay, nobody actually writes in cursive anymore.  Unless you’re from the ancient days when handwriting was an actual subject in school.  Like my mom.  But hey, it’s an alliteration and it sounds cooler than ‘Keys or Pens?’, or ‘Keys or Handwriting?’, or ‘Keys or Block Letters?’.  So I lured you in here.  Sue me. This question, no matter

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What Are You Reading?

I’ve been having some trouble recently.  Some reading trouble. I’ve been reading a lot of books, and I’ve been going through Goodreads lists, checking bestseller lists, trying to figure out which books are on the rise and which are overrated, but I can’t seem to find the books I want to read.  The books I

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Memorial Day

Plenty of inspiration to be had on this weekend.

Have You Ever Been Struck by Lightning?

Not literally – though if you have literally been struck by lightning you can answer that question, too – but have you ever had an idea so explosive and exciting pop into your head that you felt you just had to go with it? I have to admit that this does not happen to me

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Why Do You Blog?

I’ve seen this question posted on just about every blog out there in the universe.  Why do you blog?  (As a side note, when did ‘blog’ become a verb?  It’s like asking, why do I book?  Or, do you guys want to hang out later and television?  Maybe afterward we can beer and food). But I’ll

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What Do You Listen To As You Write?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the magic of coffee.  Today I want to touch on the second motivational tool that makes my writing world tick.  Music. I know that not every writer listens to music while they write – some prefer silence, some prefer listening to the hum of activity around them,

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It’s been a while since my last post, but I promise I haven’t forgotten about this blog.  For the past two weeks I’ve gotten through the last four finals of my college career, been to beach week for one final celebration with all of my friends, and walked at graduation (without tripping and falling). All of

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