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I’ve seen this question posted on just about every blog out there in the universe.  Why do you blog?  (As a side note, when did ‘blog’ become a verb?  It’s like asking, why do I book?  Or, do you guys want to hang out later and television?  Maybe afterward we can beer and food).

But I’ll roll with it (I’m part of the generation that invented words like tweet and Yolo, which I use in conversation.  But don’t tell anybody).

So.  Why do you blog? I guess I created this blog and post on it regularly because everyone said that if you’re a writer, it’s what you’re supposed to do.  That’s a great answer, right?  No.  It’s not.  But it’s also only the beginning of the story.  The truth is I would never have decided to make a blog page, name it, give it a theme, and post on it because I just simply had to do it.  Is that how anybody gets into blogging?  Why do I keep asking all of these questions in the middle of my post?

I started blogging because I was supposed to, but I continue because I like to.  Writing blog posts for others to see keeps me accountable.  If I’m writing short stories or a book, I could write a word a day and nobody would ever know whether or not I was making progress.  Here, people can see whether or not I’m writing.  This blog has 290 followers, 289 more than I thought it would (my mom would obviously read it even if the world was exploding), and you all make me feel that if I don’t post something I’m letting somebody, somewhere, down.  And that isn’t a burden for me.  I genuinely like it.

So I keep on posting.  And posting gets me into a writing mood.  Being in a writing mood makes me eat… uh, write.  Makes me write. Writing makes me feel good about myself and makes me happy, which is important.  So I guess I’m saying that I blog because it makes me happy.  I think that there are worse reasons to do something.

Why do all of you post on your blogs?  Do you do it regularly?  Do you like being semi-accountable?  Has your reason for blogging changed since you began?  Do people enjoy being bombarded with four part questions? Image


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  1. I can’t remember why I started blogging, other than I had things I wanted to write and I wanted someone to hear them. I try to blog at least once a week and I feel horrible if I don’t have at least one every week. Now that I do blog, it has become a two part thing. I do it for people, and I do it for myself. I love being bombarded with questions and I wish more people would answer mine when I post them along with whatever it is I’ve written. My mom never reads my blog, for which I’m actually thankful, but only because I live at home and she hears enough of my inner thoughts. She doesn’t want to know the rest. 😛
    Great post and quite thought provoking, at least to me.

  2. I started blogging as a place to expel all the thoughts that run around in my head. That blog was not terribly wonderful, and it got axed and replaced by BumblesBooks, which I began because I wanted to connect with other writers and talk shop with them. It’s been a great experience, and I love the WordPress community. It’s also a great procrastination tool when I get stuck in my writing. 🙂

    And hey, four-part question bombardment just provides lots of opportunity for response!

  3. I started blogging because I had stopped writing in my life. I found it too easy to not write and easier still to find excuses for it. But when I don’t write, I get pissy, unsatisfied, and in general unpleasant to live with. So I decided to start writing again. Unfortunately, every time I tried to jump into my novel, I got massive writers block that only lead to more pissiness. Which lead me to blogging. I decided to blog to jump start the creative process. To force myself to write something every single day. To aim for 350 words a day, or better. And yes, to have some outside accountability for doing it. My blog is fairly new. I’ve been posting daily since the end of April, sometimes multiple times a day, and responding to the blogs of those I’ve stumbled across. It’s definitely done the trick. I feel more creative, feel more inspired. My mood has lifted and I feel great. I write in my blog because it makes me feel a little more alive, a little more right with the world.

  4. I blog to connect with others through my writing. It’s different from fiction because it relies on mutual sharing across a massive sphere. You learn a lot from others and hopefully they learn from you too

  5. I’ve always wanted to ‘write’! I love playing with words and when I discovered WP and found that I could add pictures, well that was it. It helps to put ‘words on paper’ to allow the creative to flow.
    The community is really important, I feel the connection.
    Early days for me as a blogger… but so far… so good 🙂 I think! ?!

  6. I love the second last paragraph!
    I started blogging when I moved to Ireland! I wanted to share my experience and also to be closer to a friend in Italy who blogged at that stage.
    Then I changed the platform and also the language, from blogging in Italian I switched to English, because I wanted to improve and also because I wanted to meet more blogger and aspiring writers. I want to be a writer but I’m very busy as well, so blogging is also a substitute!…oh boy, I should write a post myself I think!
    Well at the end of the story the main reason is: I blog because I need it!

  7. I started out because I needed to have a place to unwind. It was around the time of my Grandma’s death. Writing and prayer is how I cope with the ups and downs of life. I then became a more regular blogger because I wanted to get free books and write reviews on them. I continue to blog because I feel like God gives me something worth sharing.

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