James Cameron on Writing Avatar Sequels


James Cameron on Writing Avatar Sequels

Sounds unbelievable.  Makes you want to get into movies, doesn’t it?  Also, 1500 pages of notes on “the world and the cultures and the different clans and different animals and different biomes”?  If only we could all be that detailed, maybe we would win dozens of awards, too.

4 comments on “James Cameron on Writing Avatar Sequels

  1. He astounds me, so creative, just amazing.


  2. The problem with writing all of the minutia in world-building is you feel compelled to use as much of it as possible. We’ll see just how bogged down the script gets by the time he’s done. Cameron is a fine director, but as a writer he leaves something to be desired.


  3. Wow!!! 1,500 pages of notes!!! What a mind!


  4. James Cameron tried making his all computer-animated movie back in the 1980s, but it didn’t quite work out. http://wp.me/shhxW-avatari


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