I Forgot My Own Birthday


Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Fiction All Day, and I forgot about it.  But it’s okay, because this blog is much more forgiving than my girlfriend (who is going to read this post and send me an angry text), and I won’t have to sleep on the couch tonight.  As a consolation prize, the post I made yesterday was about finally finishing my most recent book, which is fitting enough for a one year wrap-up.

So here is a quick year in review:

Since I started this blog…

– I started and finished my last year at Vanderbilt, getting a degree in English and Economics

– I got a job offer, accepted it, and have my start date (July 14) for my first full-time job out of college – working at a consulting firm in DC

– I became addicted to coffee, and now love iced green tea (which I drink by the pot)

– I finally realized how awesome Nashville is, and miss it (read: the bars) a lot now that I’m home

– I came out of school without a serious drinking problem… subjectively

– I wrote and finished Embracing Ghosts, an 89,950 word thriller/mystery that is by far the best book I’ve ever written

– I wrote 11 short stories, the longest of which, ‘The Man in the Black BMW’, I’m going to try to publish in a literary magazine

– I started my next project, a book idea that I’m more excited about than I have been for any of my previous ones

More importantly, since I started this blog…

– I’ve written 33 posts, which comes out to a little more than one every two weeks, though in the last 6 months it’s been more like one every four days

– It’s received 2,546 views and 160 comments

– 454 people have started following it

So, to finish…

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has ever read a post of mine, and a special thank you to all the people who have stuck with me for longer than a day.  You must be really bored.


And I thought we could all enjoy that whoever made this meme really nailed the ‘who’s’ ‘whose’ conundrum but couldn’t exactly figure out the much easier ‘you’re’ ‘your’ problem.


10 comments on “I Forgot My Own Birthday”

  1. You know I’ve been thinking about this lately because I revise, change and grammar correct all the way through. I can’t continue if I think something is wrong two pages ago. I thought I was probably nuts until I read that some other famous writers do it that way (I think Joe R Lansdale was one of them, but I could be wrong). So I guess it really comes down to whatever way works better for each individual. The bottom line is finishing the story 🙂 And a big congrats on finishing your book!

    1. I struggle with this also. I want to polish, polish, polish, before I move on. And if I don’t, yesterday’s words haunt me. I’m working on it to try and speed up my words per day count. To be most effective, I am a firm believer that a writer needs to outline, get the whole story down, make changes to the outline based on changes discovered along the way, then go back and edit the crap out of it.

      But yesterday’s words still call to me, begging to be polished.

  2. These are all some amazing milestones. You’re one fascinating individual, David. And you’re just around the corner! I’m in Bethesda. Would be cool if we could network down the line.

    I officially give memes permission to have typos because many of them light up my day. Laughter is healing. So are puppies.

    Chase those dreams!

  3. This is a very impressive post. I’ve enjoyed it very much. I having a daughter that just graduated from the U of Albany. I know how hard it is to get out there into the world after years of schooling.
    I think you’re going to do grand things. Congrats …

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