What Most Settings Lack

We all have places we know and love.  They aren’t rooms with amazing views, patios with comfortable couches, or castles in the middle of a forest.  They’re rooms with happy memories, patios where we fell in love, castles where a hero grew up.  Cool views, couches, and surroundings make a setting fun to describe, but what makes a setting really great is nostalgia – a … Continue reading What Most Settings Lack

Why Your Character Is Boring

Welcome to the first post of a five part series on simple (but maybe not so obvious) tips to make our stories better.  They’ll be applicable to most of us no matter what we’re writing, though some people will find that certain posts are more relevant than others.  I also promise that the subjects won’t be ‘building tension,’ ‘realistic dialogue,’ or ‘how to write the best book ever!’ … Continue reading Why Your Character Is Boring

The 7 Essential Elements of a Bestselling Novel

Do I know how to grab your attention or what? Anyway, for a quick-post-Friday I wanted to share an article I stumbled on while reading the Writers Digest website, called (use your powers of deduction here), ‘The 7 Essential Elements of a Bestselling Novel’. The post was written by Adrienne Crezo, managing editor of Writer’s Digest magazine. I think it’s clear to all of us that there … Continue reading The 7 Essential Elements of a Bestselling Novel

The Simplest Writing Advice

Writers are an incredibly insecure group of people.  It’s true.  I’m even insecure about writing about our insecurities – what if people get upset about it?  (If you did, sorry).  But the fact is that we are very insecure, and an extension of that fact is that it isn’t an insult. In many way it actually makes a lot of sense. Fiction is hard to judge … Continue reading The Simplest Writing Advice