Late-Week Motivation

Being a great writer isn’t easy.  Nobody, except our ten-year-old selves, ever said it was. Improving our writing is something a lot of us work on all the time, and it’s something that I think comes in two parts.  Two parts that I’ve written about before, and will write about again.  Two parts called study and practice, thought and application, reading and writing.  The two sides of a two-sided coin (as opposed to … Continue reading Late-Week Motivation

What’s Missing From The Forest?

Comparison: In writing – an analogy, simile, or metaphor. “The trees were tall and dark, covered with twisting branches that reached for the dirt floor below.  A hundred shadows danced and shifted in the underbrush that marked both edges the path.  The air was warm and smelled heavy, like a spring night just before a storm.  Overhead, black leaves formed a canopy that blocked out all of … Continue reading What’s Missing From The Forest?