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It’s almost the middle of September, and for a lot of us that doesn’t mean very much.  The weather is cooling off, there are a ton of holidays coming up, football is back, and for the most part our jobs and lives go on as usual.  Soon the leaves will change colors, and halfway home from work you’ll look out the window and imagine yourself sitting in the backyard on a cool afternoon, writing and sipping warm coffee.  The world is a riot of color and you’re inspired.  Unfortunately, many of us are often tired, or burned out from a week of work, and writing amidst the tumbling leaves will turn into watching Netflix amidst the tumbling couch pillows (which sounds amazing, doesn’t it?).

But today is Sunday, and for those of us having trouble writing, or telling ourselves that we’re really busy right now and will have more free time in the future, today can and should be a day to get a lot done.  Even if you’re already in a good routine, Sunday is a great day to write.  Writing makes a lot of us feel good, and going into the week after having a productive day makes a huge difference.  I hope everyone gets a lot done today.  I know I will.

I wanted to take a few lines to check in with everyone.  Many of you have been here for a long time and I could not appreciate that more.  It means a lot to me, and not just in the casual overused-phrase way.  Having everyone on this blog makes me really happy, which translates directly into more motivation and better writing.  So thank you.

How is everyone’s September going?  Do you like Fall?  Any big plans over the next couple of months?  How are you doing with your writing?  What projects are you working on and how are they going?

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement to write today. Today I want to write a list of goals and objectives about several areas of my life. I also want to get a little journaling done and perhaps a letter/prayer to Jesus.

  2. going well, thanks. Done a bit of posting, collected my daughter from the airport and am about to write a couple of thousand words, I hope… good stuff, in your blog, always thoughtful and helpful.

    1. Thanks! And a couple thousand…that’s impressive. When I’m actually drafting I tend to average 1,000-1,500. 2,000 word days involve a lot of coffee and music

  3. A lovely post on a great Sunday. Fall is definitely my favourite season of the year just because of everything that comes with it; changing colours, light scarves, and excuse to wear jeans, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and just the feeling of everything kind of starting over 🙂 Have a great Sunday

    1. I agree (maybe minus the scarves). Fall weather and colors are great – it’s what comes after that’s a little less fun. That’s why I like Spring so much.

  4. Great post! As for what I’m working on, I’ve decided to take another crack at revising a book I told everyone I would publish by June. I’m not sure if it’s perfectionism or cowardice on my part. Perhaps it’s both? My last self-publishing venture didn’t work out so well, so I’m hesitant. I’m also trying to figure out what I want to write for NaNoWriMo.

    1. I feel that pain – I actually try not to tell people when I think things will get finished. It’s a nice surprise for them when all of a sudden it is, but just a personal preference of mine. I’ve also never participated in NaNoWriMo; I’m thinking about it this year. Good luck with that.

  5. Hey! I’m new to your blog but I’ve noticed you’ve liked a few of my posts. So thank you. To answer your questions.. My September is going awesome 🙂 I’m moving soon and getting a new dog, which you read. I LOVE LOVE Fall, over the next few weeks I’ll be moving and decorating my new home. I am really excited to carve a pumpkin this year. I’m soon going to publish my second book of poetry, which YOU are the only one who knows this right now. Or whoever reads this comment 🙂

    Hope you are well. Thanks for the positive blog. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! Glad to hear your September is going so well. And just like you LOVE LOVE Fall I feel the same about dogs, so that’s awesome you’re getting a new one. I’m a little jealous.

  6. Hi! I like your posts a lot, you are always so positive and inspiring. Thank you!
    My autumn is not as nice as yours since in Mexico the tree leaves don’t change color, they just fall down and die 🙁 not very romantic and certainly not very inspiring jajaja
    But I agree, any day is good for being creative. Have a nice sunday!

  7. You are so right! Sundays are the best days to write! I like your blog very much. It’s an inspiration to me. My September was going great, then a little bumpy, but now I’ve decided I am going to make the rest productive and finish it out strong and positive? I adore Fall. I love the cooler air, I can do more yard work without feeling I’m gonna keel over. I live in Mississippi and it’s gets extremely hot and humid here. I can handle the humidity during any season but Summer. I love watching the leaves change color, light sweaters and jackets, the fragrances floating through the air. Everything about it makes me want to take pictures, inspires me to write, sit outside in my porch swing, walk and run with my dogs, and bake. I could go in there and bake an apple pie with Gruyere in the crust right this minute – well, if I had any apples. I’m actually about to strategize my plan of attack for the rest of Sept and all of Oct as far as contracts (I work from home), writing (my book as well as poetry), fitness, cooking, family time and house/yard projects. And then, I’ll write some more. I will also decide what I’ll do about Nanowrimo. Some days, I’m great with writing, some days not. Today is a good day. 🙂

    1. I like everything you just said about Fall. The way you describe it actually sounds amazing. And I’m all about strategizing when it comes to balancing several things like work, writing, fitness, family/friend time, and other activities. Helps you feel like you aren’t missing anything. And good luck with NaNoWriMo!

  8. Great post! I love fall. The leaves are already changing here, and I’m excited to get out the long sleeves and jackets. I’ve been busy on the writing front, working with my copyeditor to iron out the last few crinkles before my book goes to press. Thanks for the encouragement to get writing!

  9. Fall and especially, September, is my favorite time (birthday, too, 9/13), because I like transformation, and this is shown right in front of us in the fall. I live in the wine country and the vineyards are beautiful when they change color, orange, red, yellow, purple, brown; incredible. Right now, I’m in Mexico (celebrating my birthday) but also, transitioning, having left a job and moving into dedicated writing. When I come home, I have a dedicated space for my writing. While here in Mexico, I have picked up John Scherber’s A Writer’s Notebook. I cannot say how important this is for me: he offers a hands-on and informative strategy to fiction writing. I have dabbled mostly in journal writing and blogging, with some stories, unfinished, but with this book at my side plus my intuitive readiness at this time in my life, I will have a story collection ready within a year. Thank you for your inspiring blog.

  10. Great post David! Like the way you write 🙂 September is kind of stressful since my courses started and other changes in life so that’s what going on. Fall in Sweden is just the start of the cold cold winter to oook forward haha. I try to do some writing whenever I have the time. What about you? / Nad

    1. Thanks so much.
      This is my first September without courses so it’s a little strange for me, but I can definitely relate to that. Fall in Sweden sounds cold (not as cold as winter tho). Probably a good time for hot coffee!

      1. Ah what are you studying/studied? Haha winter in sweden is like jumping is a pool full of ice and then rap yourself in hundred layers of clothing. Oh that coffee sounded nice though 🙂 /Nad

      2. I studied Economics and English. And I’m not so sure I’d be able to survive in Sweden haha. I’m all about the warm weather

      3. Ah I also studied Economics/Marketing. Yeah it takes certain types of people who can handle the cold winter hm maybe like John Snow (Game of Thrones) haha. Have a great weekend. Regards Nad

  11. Fall has always been a creative motivator for me. Everywhere you look inspiration bursts forth in radiant Colour. If you can capture that in words you’ve done your best as a writer. I just wish the season lasted longer. Cheers to you for inspiring in your own way.

  12. I feel inspired to write in the fall. And September, with its abundant pallet of warm colors, has always held a special place in my heart. It’s my birthday month, it’s also time to steam squash, bake pumpkin pies, and head to the farmer’s market and fill my basket with herbs and vegetables. September is also that month I like to take my little girl out to the farms in our area that offer corn field mazes, face painting, and tractor rides. Yes, I’m going to spend lots of time at my computer working on the stack of stories I’ve been writing over the years. I might even go back to that great (my opinion) middle grade chapter book an editor raked over the coals and see if I can’t dust off the ashes and turn it into something better.
    I want to thank you for your blog. Your posts are always so uplifting.

    1. Birthday and fun Fall activities – it sounds like September is a great month for you. Good luck working on your stories and I hope you go back and have success with your book!

  13. Here in UK, I love the fall. Hidden things beneath the leaves, the nip and promise of snow to come, the diffuse light and the growing silence. Sunday, though, is a little too chaotic for successful writing enterprise; a plague of interventions and visits and such. I write in early morning, watching the sun rise. A daily miracle!

    1. ‘Nip and promise of snow to come.’ Great way to describe some of those chilly Fall days walking down the street through the dead leaves. I wish I could write in the morning – take a lot of pressure off of the rest of the day!

  14. It’s so important to grab the time to write even when you’re feeling lazy on a Sunday or anyday (I’m reading this on a Tuesday!) – thanks for the reminder in your post. I always find the autumn enlivening too, and so beautiful.

  15. Thanks for posting this wonderful picture. We don’t have fall in the Phoenix area – we just have a-little-less-hot-than-it’s-been-all-summer. And I’ve never been one to get writing done on a Sunday but I’ve just started squeezing some in.

    1. But I bet you’ll all be laughing when it’s Winter and we’re freezing. And I know some people who don’t like to write on Sundays either – for me it’s just a great day to have my computer in front of me and loaf around

  16. I love autumn and I prefer to write when it’s cooler and darker outside so I find it a productive time…maybe a throw back to harvesting crops or gathering before the winter. Thank you for nice post and lovely russet leaves and making me think!! 🙂

  17. I’m in England and the weathers a bit bizarre at the moment. We’re having a mini heatwave, so instead of windy storms, fog and the promise of early frosts, we’ve got sunny days, warm nights and the flowers blossoming again. I think the unusual weather isn’t helping my creative inspiration because I really have no idea what to write. Loving your blogs by the way, I’m a newcomer and your blogs always make me feel more positive.

    1. It may not be helping you creatively but I’m sure you’re not complaining about the lack of windstorms and frosts!
      And thanks so much for your comment – it’s always nice to hear!

  18. First I’d like to thank you for reading some of my posts. I assumed I was writing to empty space. Second, fall is my favorite time of year. I live in Indianapolis, so we get colorful trees in fall. I love the smell of the air. I love cool breezes through my windows. I love Halloween and picking apples at the orchard and taking my nephews & neices to the pumpkin patch. I love roadtrips during this time of the year. And I LOVE to write in nature during the fall months. Thank you for the post.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I love a good breeze through the window too – sometimes we open the windows and the back door to the porch and it almost feels like being outside (except on a couch). Haha but getting out into the backyard is nice too.

  19. “The world is a riot of color”. Sentences like that are why we write, my friend. Nice post. And to answer, I’m starting my second novel (the first of which is entering its final stage of revision). There’s no time like fall to throw yourself into another world. Cheers!

    1. I agree. Fall is an amazing time to start something new (maybe it’s because we feel so bad about all the dead leaves on the ground). Good luck with your first and second novels. I’ve never been able to work on two at once, even if one is in revision and one is being drafted – so that’s awesome.

  20. Hey, I’m new to wordpress and I just read Sundays in the fall. It gave me a peaceful feeling. I Iove to write in the morning. Silence helps me ponder over my own thoughts. I need to get a lot done but i just can’t put my finger on it. Making a list sounds great if only I could put an end to the procrastination sooner then later.
    and oh I loved Sundays in the fall. I love the honesty of the words. Keep up the good work!

    1. Procrastination is my middle name unfortunately – I wish I could write in the morning. It always sounds so nice and productive.
      And thanks so much for the kind words.

  21. The last sentence of the first paragraph is what happens to me on almost all of my days off. I need to stop doing that! Netflix is evil. Fall is wonderful, though. I’m hoping cooler weather and colorful leaves will reenergize me and help me reach my writing goals.

    1. Evil? Or amazing? Or both?
      I hope the cooler weather and bright colors help you out. It’s definitely a great season to write in, especially sitting by a window.

  22. Good sentiments. Good questions. Exploring new work avenues this fall as my family has moved to a new region. Still waiting for fall to arrive weather-wise.

  23. That beautiful picture of the leaves on the road struck a memory within me of living in KY as a kid and going to school there, taking the bus along a similar stretch of road, seeing my first ‘fall’. Back on the other side of the world now, it’s all spring rain and frogs creaking, the last of the fire wood burnt and corn and beans popping out of the earth – ooh and strawberries! I’m just finishing my uni assignments for the second semester and have a stack of books to read ranging from Calvino through Conrad and Roald Dahl… research. My plans for spring/summer writing are to structurally imitate some stories I like, to attempt another story of my own based on words out of the dictionary (a technique I’m experimenting with) join my local writers’s group and share some of my recent work and volunteer at the local writers’ centre. And write some more poetry. Also; surfing, get back into yoga too (have had a dicky shoulder), ballet, gardening, odd jobs around the house and of course my day job which is only three days a week and one night… I’m looking forward to this time! Lovely blog by the way and thank you for liking my post.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! And I’m glad you remembered to mention strawberries – they’re by far the best fruit. Structurally imitating stories sounds like a really interesting exercise. Your plans sound great. Good luck!

  24. Nice post. I like how naturally you write. I needed to hear someone say , “… today can and should be a day to get a lot done.” Thanks for the encouragement.

  25. After seeing that picture and reading this post, I’ve grown appreciation for September and how quick the time’s flying by! Thanks for the post, cheers to the coming of fall. 🙂

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