Month: January 2015

How To Hook A Reader

When used correctly, hooks are one of the most powerful ways a writer can keep a reader flipping pages well into the night. However, the majority of writers end up using them incorrectly. It’s important to realize why. Hooks are the kind of tool that won’t hurt your writing if they aren’t used, but will

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What We Forget While Writing

There are plenty of things that we forget about while writing. Plenty of important details that slip our minds. At first you might think I’m referencing that time you forgot to pick your child up from school because you were writing a particularly engaging chapter, but I’m actually talking about things we forget in our actual story. I’m talking about things that pop

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How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

How do you keep working towards your goals all year long? How do you stay committed day in and day out? How do you make sure you’re always moving forward, so that when you look back at your year you see 365 days of progress, and the sum of all your efforts is more than

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