Month: July 2015

The Difference Between Premise and Design

So I have some pretty bad news… I just heard from a friend that my premise, your premise, your friend’s premise, and everybody else’s premise is, unfortunately, not quite as original as we once thought it was.  In fact, I’ve been told that all of these premises are, well, not original at all.  I mean

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The Missing Piece – What Most Antagonists Are Lacking

Every reader loves a good villain, and most writers love them too.  If you rack your brain about some of the most memorable characters in books, movies, and on TV, I’d bet more than a few villains pop up. I personally find antagonists fascinating.  Sometimes I find them even more fascinating than many heroes out

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Writing In Short Bursts

Friday afternoons are full of breaks between projects, and perfect for sneaking in some writing.  I’ve found that these ten minute snippets of time are often the best moments to knock out those smaller tasks that require short bursts of intense concentration. Right now I’m finishing some backstory on one of the characters in my next

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