Break The Rules

I’ve been trying a new writing method lately, and it goes against one of the main tenets of writing gospel.

You know what I’m talking about – the writing gospel, the two, three, five, or ten basic principles that the productive, the famous, the brilliant writers of the world preach to amateur writers who are still trying to make their way and find their voice.

There are a few, but the one I’m talking about right now is this one:

‘Don’t re-read what you’ve written.  Keep going, going, and going until you finish your first draft.  If you go back and start playing with what you wrote before, you’re doomed.’

Now I won’t say there isn’t some merit to that statement – but I think it’s more aimed at beginning or exceedingly unproductive writers who haven’t found what works for them yet and really need to finish two or three projects before figuring out their writing style.

For my most recent project I’ve been starting the day by reading the previous couple of chapters (and even allowing myself to make a few minor tweaks along the way) before starting to write.  And I was actually inspired to take this leap by Ernest Hemingway.

In a 1935 article in Esquire, Hemingway wrote: Continue reading “Break The Rules”