Words On A Plane


A couple weeks ago, after a work trip to Montreal, I was going to write a blog post about how much I love working on planes – they’re actually one of my favorite places to write.  I’d gotten through a couple of paragraph before I thought, “Hm, shouldn’t I wait to write this blog post until I’m actually on a plane again?” 

So here I am, flying home from Chicago after an extended weekend celebrating St. Paddy’s Day with a big group of friends (in Chicago they celebrate the weekend before, don’t ask me why), tired, excited to collapse into my own bed, more than a little hungover, but still happy to be on a plane.

There’s something about being thousands of feet above the clouds, separated from the rest of the world, but still able to look down and marvel at it (if the skies are clear), unbothered by your friends or family, kept company only by the sometimes annoying knee and elbow of the person next to you. 

I have a pair of Bose noise-cancelling bluetooth headphones that reduce the roar of the plane’s engines to a comforting hum, and I never, ever, connect to the plane’s Wifi.  No internet, no texting, nobody to bother you, arguably the greatest view on the planet – what else could a person want in a workspace?

So sit back, leave your anxiety about flying at home, and don’t rush to be the first person on the plane – it’s not worth the stress.  Bring your laptop or notebook, a pair of headphones, and your favorite book (for breaks).

And don’t forget to look out the window during takeoff and landing.

8 comments on “Words On A Plane”

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I used to fly to visit my mother every month, and I did my best work up in the air. There aren’t many distractions (except the person sitting next to you reading over your shoulder) and you’re almost tied to your chair. And someone comes around to give you pretzels and drinks (if you’re in first class, even better.)

  2. I used to love flying, but now the security protocols at the airport make me nuts. Still, with my phone off and my KIndle on the flight itself is a nice break 🙂

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