Month: February 2018

I Trick Myself Into Writing

There’s something beautiful about the metal pop that comes from pulling open a flip-top can.  Slide your nail under the aluminum tab, get some leverage, pull it open until the metal tears.  The sound is charming; a nice and sharp ‘click-crack-fizz’, followed by the slow hum of bubbles. Or, wait a minute, back up… how

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Take Control, Why Positivity Matters

For some reason, 2017 seemed to churn out almost as many self-help / positive thinking / motivation focused books as it did detective thrillers.  Ok… wait… that isn’t impressive enough… Maybe it churned out almost as many as the entire mystery genre combined.  One second… think bigger…  Maybe it produced as many as all fiction books

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New Year, New Purpose, New Plan

Ok, so first of all, how the hell is it 2018 already?  I am a huge fan of (read: OCD about) even numbers, so the year 2018 does appeal to me more than 2017 did, but I feel like this has to be a big mistake.  I graduated college in 2014, which means it’s gotta

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