Shred It, Dude


After four days in Utah I’ve found a new frontrunner for a vacation timeshare.

For those of you that don’t know (and now that I think about it, why would you?) I’ve been skiing and snowboarding for most of my life.  My mom put me in ski school when I was four, but I switched over to snowboarding at around eleven or twelve because, “Snowboarding is way cooler mom you just don’t understand me JEEZ JUST LET ME LIVE MY LIFE UGH.”  Anyway, that means that I’ve been snowboarding for over a decade, and if my sister has to hear me say “Shred it dude!” one more time she might disavow our siblingship.

A couple of weekends ago my mom, sister, and I took a family trip out to Utah.  Of the four days we were out there, three of them were spent at Snowbird, which is by far the coolest mountain resort I’ve ever been to.  The trails were amazing and the powder was knee deep (no, seriously, my sister got stuck in a snowdrift between some trees and it took her ten minutes to climb out).  If I had managed to capture a video montage of me carving my way down the slopes while grinning ear to ear I would queue it up right now.  But unfortunately I didn’t, so I don’t know why I even mentioned it, because now everyone is just feeling a little let down and has to take my word for it.

But all told I will 100% be going back there next year, maybe even twice.  Getting away for a long vacation to do something I don’t often get to do reminds me how much I love to travel, and it helped recharge my batteries to 110%.  P.S. Hey Snowbird if you give me a free trip to your resort next year I’ll write another awesome blog post advertising how great you are.

I only snuck in about four hours of writing over the extended weekend, two hours on each plane ride (I love working on planes, duh), but the words that made it onto the page were good ones so I’m happy with that.

This trip was also the first time I experimented with a brand new art form: Photography.  I’ve always been interested in different forms of storytelling, whether it’s photography or TV or movies, so it was a lot of fun to play around with this one.  I splurge purchased an entry-level DSLR, spent too many hours going through online courses and tutorials learning how to manually control shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, and then jetted off to Utah.

Walking around specifically focusing on photography was a cool feeling.  It changed the way I looked around me, sharpened my focus on things I would ordinarily never look twice at, and just generally was a welcome change of pace.  I made sure not to let it get in the way of the fun I had or my family time, and to my surprise that wasn’t that hard to accomplish.  My family was actually really supportive of the new hobby and thought it was pretty cool.

I won’t spend too long on this topic, but I do want to say that if anyone is thinking about experimenting with other art forms I would highly encourage you to do it.  Even just a couple of weeks after starting I’m already thinking about how I can use photography and videos to create more stories, whether it’s quick 2-or-3-minute movies, or using pictures as writing prompts, or embedding pictures and videos in shorts or blog posts.  It’s also just plain fun.

And to prove that I actually did take some cool pictures, here are three of my favorites from a couple weekends ago:




That’s it until next time!  Anyone else ever been to Snowbird or want to recommend another resort in the area?  Do any of you play around with photography or film?

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  1. This was too fun to read — BUT, I went to school in Vermont. I NEVER, EVER…EVER, want to see snow again! Hahahaha! I do think it’s pretty cool that you snowboard though…. I, on the other hand, can barely walk in snow, let alone every do anything ON IT. The most I did was sledding when I was like five. Even then I couldn’t handle the cold. Which is why I promptly moved to California as soon as I could. It’s cool to read though — and the pics? Beautiful!

    1. Thanks! And yes, I’m not surprised you’re done with snow. I toy with the idea of moving to California every other week – the mountains are in easy reach, but it’s warm!

  2. Stunning! And YESS! I didn’t get a chance to snowboard this year (money’s a little tight), but there’s nothing more amazing than flying down a mountain, the only sound the sound of your board carving through the snow……*sigh*

  3. I can’t believe this is a new venture for you. Those pictures look professional. The middle one is my favourite, sunshine over the trees and snow. Beautiful 🙂

  4. Snowboarding sounds like fun, I’d like to try that someday! And I’ve been thinking about photography lately because that’s another creative venue I’m interested in trying. It’s one of those things that looks easy but I’m guessing has a lot more to it than just taking pictures.

    1. It does, but it doesn’t have to! If you want to just take pictures that’s still photography. Or if you get into it, you can learn so much online – it’s a deeeeep rabbit hole, but there are so many useful resources/explanations/classes that are easy to find

  5. Wonderful photos! I absolutely love watching snow fall from in front of the fireplace with a drink in my hand! I, too, have been really enjoying incorporating photos into my blog stories. One creative pursuit fosters another!

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