Writing With A Friend


So I’ve been working on a fun blog post the last couple of weeks but it’s not quite ready yet.  I’ve tried a few times to get the ball rolling faster to no avail – for this post I’m dependent on the availability of three other people (Which is fine!  It’s not like I control everyone else’s lives.  I mean, it would be kinda cool if I was all-powerful like that, but alas I am not).

Instead I’m relegated to sitting in my home office working on my book and a few short stories.  Oh, the BOREDOM.  Actual Writing?  No thank you.  (Just kidding).

(Sort of).

Luckily I have a brand new companion to keep me company whenever I work from my home office instead of a coffee shop or random dirt patch somewhere.


Meet Maisey, the cutest best dog in the entire world.  Mais moved into our apartment a week and a half ago and has been following me around the apartment ever since.


She likes short walks, smelling things, and sitting on my feet while I work.  She also enjoys drooling on the floor when it’s time to eat and puts her nose right under my hand if I stop petting her.


I actually love having her around because she reminds me to look up from the computer every once in a while, gets me out of the apartment for walks which is a fantastic break (fresh air = refreshing), and listens intently when I ask her whether my character would believably do something I’m toying with (she doesn’t always have all the answers there).


She’ll definitely get a shout out in the acknowledgements page of one of my books.

So tell me, do you guys like writing with friends, human or otherwise?

12 comments on “Writing With A Friend”

  1. Sitting on your feet means she can nap without you wandering off! She looks like a sweetie, but I have bad news…

    I already know the cutest best dog in the world. But, it’s okay. Maisey can be the cutest best puppy in the world.

  2. Not sure I could stay focused to write with a human friend (and no one I know writes the kind of things I write). Maisey is tempting, but that might cause problems of its own – too much focus on her and not enough on the page. Still, you confess to be productive, so you must have a stouter streak of concentration than I can claim.

    1. She can sometimes stay extra quiet if she knows I’m working – but other times she is the neediest dog in the world (in a good way!). It’s a trade-off I’m willing to make 🙂

  3. Oh I love Maisey! She’s so cute! Was she a rescue? My writing companion (besides the cats) is my cavalier king charles spaniel called Poppy. I can actually see a blenheim in the background of one of your photos!

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