Month: February 2019

DC Tea Tour Part 2 – La Colombe on Florida

My second coffee shop on the list – a great spot for aspiring writers and professional authors alike.

How To Edit Your Novel

If there is anything writers loathe more than staring at a blank page, it has to be staring at a bloated first draft, knowing that the page is probably too full (who knew, right?), and riddled with mistakes.  I’m relatively sure that we all have the exact same urge to hit publish / email friends

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DC Tea Tour Part 1 – Peet’s Coffee on 14th

It started off as a normal day – wake up early, journal, go to the gym, walk Maisey, edit my book for a few hours… Just the usual, you know?  Things were going great, and I though this Friday would pass unremarkably like all the others before it.  I even turned the page on my

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What Writing Full-Time Is Like – Week One

It’s been just over one full week since I started writing full-time, and I can say without exaggerating at all (okay, maybe a little) that my life has turned a huge corner for the better. I debated calling this post ‘One Week of Fun-employment’, but decided to go in a different direction, because 1) I

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I Betrayed My Best Friend

I have a confession to make today… There’s a big secret that I’ve been keeping for the last four months.  Something I haven’t told many people outside of my family and a few close friends.  It’s something that has changed a core part of me, has made me a bit more self-conscious because I don’t

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Saying Farewell To My 9-5 – A Love Letter

I have to apologize in advance for the longer than usual blog post, but today is one of the most exciting and important days of my life.   It’s a day that marks the end of a relationship I’ve been in for four-and-a-half years; a relationship that I’ve cherished, that took me by surprise and

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