Month: March 2019

We Used To Look Forward To Now

A short post about something important that’s been stuck in my head lately. It’s been two whole months since I left my job to write full time.  I can honestly say that I’ve been loving every moment of it, that I’ve been productive, and that I’m seizing my opportunity.  Even on days when I feel

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Why This Character Is Flat

Imagine this: The character’s name is Wyatt and he’s a gunslinger; stoic, heroic, but sometimes ruthless.  He’s steady under pressure and at his very core believes himself to be the American Western version of a warrior monk – calm, serene, and prepared for anything.  It’s said that he once took a bullet in the shoulder

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Which Blog Do You Want To Read?

Authors and Aspiring Writers always need to know their target audience (or do they?).

You Are Your Own Inspiration

Every Aspiring Writer and Author has days that are tougher than the rest.