Which Blog Do You Want To Read?

Authors and Aspiring Writers always need to know their target audience (or do they?).


In the wonderful wide world of writing fiction and blogging, there are a few things that writers often overlook in our quest to master our craft and reach an audience.  We ignore a couple of key learnings in favor of doing other obvious (though admittedly important) things; things like (gasp) actually writing, or editing prose, or building believable characters, or maintaining a frequent blog publishing schedule, or finding the perfect picture to match our topic (I had to decide between a picture with seven doors and a monkey looking extremely pensive for this one).

But one admirable thing about writers is that we are always learning.  We have to be, or we wouldn’t be able to believably write about things we aren’t experts in.  What types of trees grow in the subtropics?  How long can a human being survive without water?  What is amnesia really like; what variations of memory loss are most common and how do they actually work?  Do some people really have six toes?

It’s in this spirit of learning that I’ve been focusing a bit with friends and family on one of these overlooked things – learning about my target audience.  What types of fiction do different people like to read?  In each genre, which aspects do they love the most?  What parts of a novel keep them turning the pages past midnight?

Often, writers fall into two distinct groups in regard to learning about our audience: either we try to please everyone, or we just try to please ourselves.  That second group is okay for someone who writes because they love it and for no other reason, but if we want to reach a larger audience – have our works read and enjoyed by (and bring joy to) a big group – we need to think about who it is that reads our work.  And pleasing everyone just flat out doesn’t work (unless you’re J.K. Rowling and your book series is magic).

Just as authors need to (or at least, benefit if they) identify their target audience, the same is true for blogging.  Are you trying to reach other writers?  Avid fiction readers?  Friends and family only?  Travel bugs?  Fashionistas?

For people who are just discovering their voice (are they witty in blog posts, blunt, controversial, whatever?) the answer is sometimes, “I’m writing for anyone in the world who will read my blog.  Please.  Seriously.  Read it.”  And while I still would ask anyone in the world to please, seriously, read my blog (seriously, keep doing it), I also want to know what the people who already read it like about it, or what they like to read on blogs in general.

A couple easy ways to go about this:

  1. Look to other successful blogs along the lines of what you like
  2. Actually ask questions (ew, right?)

So with all that said, I’m looking for a little help here!  For those who read a lot of other blogs, what is one blog that you’d recommend as a good example of things you like to read?  I’m always trying to add blogs to my follow list, and I’m sure a lot of other people who are reading this post are, too!

If you have the time to answer, what types/styles of posts do you specifically like the most?  And if you’ve read this blog before, which blog posts on here have you liked, have you connected with?

Or, asked in a simpler fashion (as the title does): Which blog do you want to read?

Thank you so much, as always, for reading and taking the time to speak with me.  And special thank you to those who end up sharing and helping out below!

Here are two adorable pictures of Maisey as payment:


14 comments on “Which Blog Do You Want To Read?”

    1. Love it – I definitely like to know a little about the person I’m reading. That’s one of the biggest draws to blogging for me – every post, even the ones that are more informative, are tinged with personality

  1. I like blogs which help me with my writing. I also like blogs which talk about religious faith and experiences I’ve never had before. (Example, I might never go to Tahiti, but I can feel like I’m there if I see pictures)

      1. It looks like she is also recommending witty titles as she scrolls through the blogs to see if something catches her eye. Good advice for all of us!

      2. Definitely! I spend a little while coming up with titles for my posts, but I always try to balance it out between being witty and making it too click-bait-y

  2. I’m not a good source of information for your poll. I actively resist getting too involved in social media (lest it claim all of my time). Consequently, I don’t Follow a whole lot of them. If someone Likes or Follows my blog, I will glance at the list of Posts they’ve made and if one strikes my interest, I’ll click the link. If I see several posts by the same person that make me click the link and I enjoy the blog when I get there, then I might Follow them. Only occasionally will I cruise through Discover in the Reader to see what I see. Also, admittedly, if the Blogger posts too much that it gets overwhelming trying to keep up, I’ll start just deleting the email notification without reading the post. So far, I don’t think I’ve Unfollowed anyone though.

    Like I said, my input isn’t very helpful.

    Your blog? I’m just here for the pictures of Maisey! (Just kidding!)

    1. Hahaha the pictures of Maisey were a strategic decision :-). That’s helpful, though! So for someone with a high bar, it’s important for each blog post to be interesting and for it not to be too overwhelming or high volume

  3. I love to read blogs (though yours is the only one I actually read and follow, to be honest) which help me with my own writing, and also, blogs that make me smile and forget any worries, very humorous ones with a sarcastic touch. The blog “The Bloggess” (https://thebloggess.com) for example – it’s by author Jenny Lawson, who first was only a blogger and then went into successful writing. I absolutely adore her books, and if you ever find the time, try her first one, “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”…you will laugh your insides out and not regret any second of time invested in it 😉
    Aside from those two, I barely read any blogs, as I rather spend my time reading books, paintin or trying to write new short stories. Sorry for be not more help, but I always enjoy getting in touch with my favourite “blogger-who’s-soon-to-be-a-successful-author”, who once helped me out with one of my stories a few years back, so thanks for that, David 😉

    1. Wow, well that is amazing – thank you so much for the kind words!

      And that’s really helpful, actually! So blogs that are both helpful/informative, but also upbeat, positive, and maybe a little humorous/sarcastic. I will 100% go check out Jenny Lawson right now.

      And I’m with you – it’s hard to juggle reading blogs vs. actual writing time or reading books. I would generally say I’m 45% writing, 40-45% reading, 10-15% blogging. Like Stephen King said, “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time, or the tools, to write.”


      1. I second on the love for Jenny! I enjoy a good sense of humor and she is certainly someone who has kept me inspired to share my own weird little life!

  4. I follow some blogs because of the topic of interest. Other blogs I follow because I value the thoughts of the person writing. I read yours just now because you somehow found my blog and liked it, which led me here.

    I’m in the process of trying to figure out where I want to take my blog and how to grow my audience, so I’ll probably start following new blogs that help me think about these next steps.


  5. Nothing specific, but for me, a blog or a book should essentially create a visual in my mind or at least it should talk to me. Just like watching a video/movie or having a conversation.

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