Month: May 2019

5 Things That Make Me Truly Happy

The other day, while I was sitting with a group of friends, a question about what made each of us truly happy came up.  As we went around the group, I was shocked by how honest everyone’s answers were (“When I feel fulfilled” “When I make my family smile” “When I help other people” “When

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My Best Book Marketing Strategy

Well, guys and gals, you’ve done it.  You fell for clickbait.  I can almost guarantee that you won’t learn anything new while reading this blog post, but you’re here already, aren’t you?  So you might as well stay.  Some people (read: me, mostly me) may need to hear this anyway.  And if that bit of

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Spring, The Best And Worst Distraction

There are few things I love more than the first month of spring.  The temperature changes, the air is buzzing, the world turns green.  In a matter of days people go from hurrying door-to-door, shuffling along the sidewalks with their heads down, to taking the long way home just to enjoy the feel of the

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