Month: June 2019

I Cheated For This Blog Post – About Me

This week I updated and re-did a few answers on my ‘About’ page. It’s been quite a few years since I updated that section of this blog.  Most of the changes I made were to the beginning of the page, but I also added some minor tweaks to the questions at the end. Now, voila! 

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This Post Is About Nothing, And That’s Okay

Occasionally – often, actually – there’s not much to say other than that we want to say something.  Anything.  And we want to do it without restriction, or judgement, or pressure.  We want to be self-indulgent by using words to describe the most mundane of things, like the fact that we are happy, or sad, or

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2 New Things To Help Me Write

Did it work?  Did I lure you in by using a number in the title again?  Don’t worry, no clickbait here, I did actually buy 2 new things to help me write, and I love them dearly. As writers we have no dress code, no mandatory equipment (except something to write with), no security clearance,

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