This Post Is About Nothing, And That’s Okay


Occasionally – often, actually – there’s not much to say other than that we want to say something.  Anything.  And we want to do it without restriction, or judgement, or pressure.  We want to be self-indulgent by using words to describe the most mundane of things, like the fact that we are happy, or sad, or eating pasta right now.

And that’s okay.  It’s regenerative to be boring for a few minutes.  It helps you recharge enough to be interesting for the next several weeks.  We can’t all be “on” all the time, it’s just no fun.  So here goes.

Boring Stuff:

Writing is good right now.  Great, even.  The book is coming along nicely, and I should have a rewritten and polished draft ready for beta-readers in a few weeks.  When I put my glasses on I can see the story and characters clearly.  With each edit the novel gets sharper.  Watch your fingers.

D.C. is hot right now.  Swamp hot.  Sweat through your shirt hot.  We skipped over the entirety of Spring in about 2 weeks, which we do every year, but that doesn’t stop all of us Washingtonians from complaining about it.  When I go walk Maisey I start sweating before I even get out the door, but that’s 10x better than freezing my way down the sidewalk.

I have a few big trips coming up this summer: Italy, France, NYC, Nashville.  I will absolutely be bringing my computer and continuing to work from each spot.  There’s a small chance that that’s a lie, and I will in fact be bringing my computer and not working from each spot.

I just finished reading a book that’s been on my list for a while, The Night Circus, and even though it’s not my usual cup of (green) tea, I liked it.  For the bulk of the book it lacked the kind of narrative drive I generally enjoy, but it made up for it with an impressively atmospheric setting and story.  The ending was satisfying as well.  I read that one on the Kindle – today I started a new book that’s good old-fashioned paper.  I can hold in my hands.  It feels good every time I turn a page.

I drank coffee today.  Oops. 🙂

I bought another journal.  I have a problem.  On my desk, I currently have my Macbook Pro, a large HP monitor, two stacks of post-it notes (I’m making a mural on my unused wall by writing down random thoughts and posting them up), the aforementioned coffee mug, the iPad I use to read my manuscript in a different format for variety, a productivity journal (which I love), The Fire in Fiction by Donald Maass (which I’m currently re-reading), and THREE Moleskin notebooks.  Why three separate notebooks?  Why, Dave?

Boring Stuff Recap:

Like I said before, I didn’t have a specific topic for this post – is that me being lazy?  Maybe.  But I wrote something anyway, and that’s what’s important.

I have so many good ideas that I want to write about and share with everyone in the weeks to come – about how doubt fuels most writers (especially me), the plan I started this journey with, what working out regularly has taught me about writing (a surprising amount), my upcoming trip to Italy and France… but that stuff is for another time.

For now I’m just happily working on my book, looking out the window at a sun-soaked D.C., and trying to get Maisey to stop licking my arm every 20 minutes because she’s needy and wants attention.

Oh, and I’m boring a bunch of poor souls with a post about nothing.  But sometimes writing about nothing is where I get my best ideas – in journals, on napkins, on blogs….

… Wait!! Be right back, just thought of a great story idea:

A young girl being raised by her cousins is forced to live in their attic, until one day she gets an email.  She’s been accepted to a super secret school for sorcerers.  The name of the school?  Pigwarts.  If only the cloud shaped scar on the bottom of her foot would stop itching, she might be able to concentrate in class.

Working Title: Harriet Panner.

Anyway, thank you for attending my Ted Talk.  Back to normal next week 😄.

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  1. Thanks for the likes of late on The Expositrix—and yes, let yourself wander for a while (although preferably not too long in all that heat and humidity)!

  2. I have just listened to a podcast about the most successful Youtube vchannels; one shows a man scratching the panels on lotto cards!
    My point is ‘boring’ for some is ‘fascinating’ to others.

    Hope your 3 notebooks hold some winning words.

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