Here we GO


6 weeks.  If I can just focus for 6 weeks I’ll be DONE.

The book will be totally finished and ready for me to send off to my small list of beta readers for feedback before the query process.

I’ve been writing furiously, like a MADMAN.  So furiously, in fact, that I’ve started CAPITALIZING random words to express emphasis and EXCITEMENT.

image1I also broke down and relapsed into my addiction of buying random motivational tools to help me stay focused.  My most recent purchase?  Bestselfco’s 13-week project planner (no unfortunately I’m not sponsored by them).  It’s basically just a fancy-but-sneakily-not-fancy-actually-it’s-just-a-piece-of-PAPER wall calendar to help me visualize my progress.

See that green line there?  That’s the line where I’ve used my proprietary double-calculus advanced astrological biochemical quantum-mechanic-fueled algorithm to calculate exactly when I’ll be done.  Don’t ask me to explain it it’s all very complicated and requires an advanced degree in long division.

Anyway.  Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m ALIVE even if I’m not entirely SANE at the moment.

This post has been brought to you by COFFEE, which I am clearly DRINKING again for the next 6 weeks on days that I don’t go to the gym and ALSO on all other days.

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  1. Good to hear from you again..I looked for posts and didn’t see them, wondered if you’d fallen off the globe or something.. congrats on nearing the finish line…and yet, your work has only JUST BEGUN.

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