Creative Recharge!


Saturday mornings are always some of the most interesting times of the week.  For whatever reason, they only seem to come in extremes.

Did you go the relaxing quiet route?  Saturday morning is probably blissfully calm (I always imagine it both foggy and sunny at the same time for some reason?).  You probably have time for a relaxing cup of coffee or tea.  Maybe read the paper.  Maybe go for a walk.

Did you go the party route?  You’re probably still drunk from last night, and I’ll bet you’re only 1 mimosa at bottomless brunch away from reminding your brain just how much it wants to let loose.

Do you have to entertain the kids?  Saturday is probably already planned out.  The kids are either still blissfully asleep, giving you the only quiet you’ll have all day, or they’re already up and running around screaming and watching cartoons.  Here we go again.

Dave, I went the fit, wholesome route, how did you not know that?  Well then, your Saturday could include a hearty breakfast, maybe an early run, maybe some relaxing time before packing the bag and hitting the gym.  Perhaps a few Michelob Ultras are in your future with friends this afternoon.

Whichever way I go, Saturdays always end up as a creative recharge day for me.  I can scrape the bottom of the barrel when necessary, but there are also days when it’s nice to let my creative tank fill back up.

I’ve found that some things refresh my creativity more than others.  Lying on the couch watching sports (which I do a lot) doesn’t usually do the trick.  But a couple of things always leave me feeling creatively energized.

  1. Consuming other creative content – whether it’s reading novels, watching good movies, or enjoying well-crafted television shows, consuming other peoples’ creativity inspires me to no end.  Whenever I read a really amazing book I generally push past my envy and find myself more motivated than ever to create something amazing myself.  Other creators’ ideas also help me come up with my own, unique ones – something Neil Gaiman calls “composting” in his MasterClass on writing.  If you add enough ideas to your own mental compost heap, something new and amazing will inevitably grow.
  2. Spending time with other people (friends) – totally unplugging from work is beyond refreshing, and getting out and having conversations with diverse, real, fun, kind people is the absolute best.  You may think you’re just out to enjoy yourself (and you are!) but you’re also filling up your mental energy reservoir.  Friends can inspire you, encourage you, make you smile and laugh, push you to be your best self – all under the guise of just hanging out over a cup of coffee, a beer, or a nice walk in the park.

And that’s what today is all about!  My birthday is coming up this week (Tuesday), so today my amazing girlfriend planned a birthday brunch with a dozen or so of my closest friends.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve found that these larger gatherings come fewer and farther between, so any time I get to hang out with such a huge group of my favorite people I always cherish it (and find myself overflowing with energy the week afterward).

Will I be hungover tomorrow?  Probably.

Will making memories with my friends be worth it?  Without a doubt.

So cheers to the Saturday Recharge!

What about you?  What are some of your favorite ways to recharge your creative energy?  I’m always looking for new ideas to help me out.

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  1. You must be on creative recharge! Three posts in three days! Hope it helps you get your head around the new story you are starting. And Happy Birthday, too!

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