Monday, A Letter To All Souls


Dear David (and all other creators),

Congratulations.  It’s Monday morning.  The best morning.  The one with the most possibility.  The morning that was made specifically for you, appended to the beginning of the week, a glittering collection of moments for you to seize and savor.

You’ve successfully turned Monday morning into a time you enjoy rather than dread.  No Sunday Scaries here.  Whether it’s waking up early to go to the gym before starting the work week, carving out time to journal and express gratitude, taking an extra long breakfast, reading during the quiet pre-dawn pause – you’ve found a way to make Monday morning work for you.

You did a great job recharging this weekend, and all that pent up energy is ready to spill out of your fingers.  You have amazing ideas, you always do, and they’ve been waiting their whole lives for this very week to come around so that they can be brought into existence.  Monday morning is when you get to decide how you’ll set them free.

So enjoy this day – it belongs to you.  Set aside some time in the morning to do something you love, then make sure you plan to do it next week, too.  It’ll remind you how much you look forward to Mondays.

Decide what amazing things you’ll get to do on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday – come Saturday you’ll be so pleased with what you’ve been up to, you’ll wish Sunday would take the week off, if only so next Monday could come back around even sooner.

Tell this day you love it, because it loves you, too.

Then smile, and step into your week.



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