5 Reasons To Crush Today

  1. It’s Friday, duh.  The last day of the work-week.  Good times ahead! (I talk like a pirate now).
  2. Today is always the only day we have.  Want to start or keep working out?  Want to start or keep working on your dream project?  Want to keep being productive?  There is only ever today to do it.  Tomorrow will become today soon enough, and today will become yesterday.  Then, in a reverse flip-flop, two days ago becomes next month, and 1992 becomes eleven Mondays from now.  Time is a flat circle.  No need to wait!
  3. There’s a small chance we’ll be hungover tomorrow (and the next day).  I mean, it’s the weekend (see point #1).  If we’re gonna party, we’re gonna party!  No shame.  We just have to remember that we’ll feel a lot happier and more satisfied if we ended the week on a good note.
  4. Muhammad Ali told us to.  “Don’t count the days, make the days count.”
  5. If you kill it today, you can celebrate with wine tonight.  If we really want to learn how to… oh… wait… sorry, I got confused.  This one is just my personal plan.

Have a great weekend everybody!  Carpe the f*** out of your diem.

2 comments on “5 Reasons To Crush Today”

  1. I mean number 5 is my personal plan too. 😉 Something that helped me manage my time better instead of telling myself I’ll “do it later” is starting to tell myself that I can’t control what future Chela does, I can only control what present Chela does. And for some reason that subtle change of POV really helped.

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