Microfiction – Reunion


Icy butterflies fluttered back and forth inside my ribcage, refusing to let me forget just how excited I was.  It was a moment I’d been looking forward to for so long.  Now that it was here, my hands and feet tingled with electricity, a silly grin sticking to my face like glue.

No matter how careful I was, the front gate still creaked on rusty hinges.  A golden bridge of midmorning sun illuminated the path to the front door.  I wondered if she’d hear me approach, or if I’d be able to surprise her.

Three long months had passed already.  Three months of living with a piece of my soul missing.  Three months of feeling incomplete.  I knew she’d been staying with a friend during that time so she wouldn’t be alone, but I’d gotten a text about an hour ago saying that she was back home, waiting for me.

Now that I was this close, I couldn’t wait any longer.  I ran up the front steps.

The long nights without her had dragged like an anchor, echoing with emptiness.  All alone, I’d missed her companionship, knowing how much she probably missed me in return.

My key scratched the lock.  The deadbolt slid open with a scrape of promise.

She must have heard that last, and as I pushed open the door I could make out the patter of running feet, saw her tearing around the corner leading to the kitchen, sliding across the wood floors.  Her golden hair flew out behind her as she jumped into my arms.

I snatched her out of the air, smiling like a lunatic.  “Hey!  I missed you!  You have no idea.”

I pulled my head back for a moment.  We stared at each other.

Then, with a whine, she licked my face.

I laughed, the sound resonating deep in my chest.  “Glad to see you missed me, too.”

I put her back down on all fours and scratched behind her ears.  She whined, tail wagging like a weapon, tongue flashing out again and again.  Her entire body vibrated with excitement, and I was whole again.

8 comments on “Microfiction – Reunion”

  1. Oh my, talking about building up suspense and then…putting a stupid grin on my face! 😁 I loved this little microfiction a lot, because it showed me the difference between my hobby writing and your “about to be professional” writing. The way you choose the words reminds me a lot of the kind o books I read every day, of stories already published and out in the real author world. It’s really strange how only the 2nd micro story I ever read of you (and that you published on here, if I remember correctly?) also has completely embraced me during the first sentence already. It has never happened with any author I read before (normally it takes me about one chapter to get into a story and its storyline). I’m not trying to suck up to you, god forbid, but I have never read anybody who just seems to have THE unique talent to put words and sentences together in such a seemingly perfect way that one just wants to keep reading. I know it doesn’t seem like it because this comment has gotten waaaaay to long, but I am truly speechless and amazed how good you are at this. Like…seriously, David. I honestly can’t wait for your first book to get down from a shelf in the shops here in Germany.

    1. Wow – I don’t know what to say! This might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

      I’m so glad you liked the short story, and that it put a grin on your face 🙂 And I’m sure our writing is not too far different – I remember reading your short story not too long ago and it was great. But I really appreciate the compliment – “about to be professional” writing gives me a lot of confidence in my path and that I’ll be able to find a publishing home for my book soon! So thank you for that.

      I can’t wait until the book gets out onto shelves in Germany (and around the world) so I can hear what you think about it!

  2. Ah, always the challenge in this kind of story – choosing the wording that will mislead the reader down a false path. But…but…this must be fiction, or else you’re cheating on Maisey. She doesn’t have blond hair…

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