Today’s Word: Discipline


On those days that the inspiration is running low, what do we do?

Do we shrug and say, “Okay, maybe tomorrow”?  Do we run down the street looking for whoever stole it from is?  Do we go to the store and order some more?  Do we search for it on Amazon Prime?


(Except maybe the last one – Amazon has everything)

On days that our inspiration is running low, we turn to our second, and arguably more important tool: Discipline.

Discipline is absolutely the only way to get any sort of longer project done.  It just isn’t realistic to expect that inspiration and excitement will last us an entire year, spurring us forward like a carrot dangled in front of our faces.  There are days when the inspiration is running so high we feel we can work for hours and hours, but there are many more days when the inspiration is running low or non-existent, and we’d rather do almost anything else.

And that’s why discipline is the word of the day.  It’s the reason I’m going to sit at my desk for 4-6 hours and get some extremely productive work in.  It’s the reason why – in 9 or so months – I’ll have another completed book in hand.  It’s the difference between dreams and reality.  (Yes, this is me giving myself a pep-talk).

Those multi-award winning, best-selling authors you read about?  They got there by having the discipline to work consistently over a long period of time.

The world’s best athletes?  They certainly didn’t wake up every single day thinking, ‘I want to run five miles and then workout until my body hurts’ – but they had the discipline to do so.

Almost everyone who excels in whatever their chosen field or passion is does so because they have incredible discipline.

And the good news?  Discipline is something that is entirely in our control.

So I’ll see you tomorrow!  Right now it’s time for me to write.

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