I Bore Myself Into Writing


Hello.  For today’s trick, I would like to present the greatest tool ever discovered.  Greater than the sword.  Greater than the pen.  Greater even than the wine-opener (just kidding I take that back).

That’s right.  Today, for all to see, I present: Boredom.

Today marks one full week since I successfully started boring myself into writing.  Living in a distraction filled world can be hard, especially during times when my girlfriend, my dog, and I are all stuck in our apartment all day.  Distractions abound.  As does television.

So on Sunday night, in an effort to up the amount of time I actually spend writing during the day, I made myself a promise.  I promised that I would wake up before 8am every day, after which the only thing I would be allowed to do until 5pm is write or read.

No television.  No games.  No phone.  No internet browsing.

Instead of setting the daunting task of writing from 8-5 (which would inevitably scare me into breaking the promise), I set myself the much simpler task of doing nothing else from 8-5.

So easy!  To win, I literally just have to do nothing.

I could write, but I don’t have to.  Not for a single minute.

But I’m not allowed to do anything else, either (besides, I guess, staring off into space like a zombie).

Et voilà, it worked.

Unable to do anything else, I spend longer periods of time at my desk writing because nothing else is calling for my attention.  Then, when I do get up for a break, I go back to it more quickly because, well, what else is there to do?

This past week I’ve spent more time writing per day than I have in months.  Boredom, y’all.

Needless to say I’m feeling pretty happy, and I’m going to ride this train for as long as I can.  The I don’t have to write train.  The I’m just not allowed to do anything else train.

It’s not a fun train.  It’s a boring train (get it…? get it…? that’s the whole point).  But it’s a train that I’m going to ride all the way through Camp Nanowrimo as I attempt to start and finish an entire book in the month of July (tentatively titled The Sixth Point) while waiting for feedback from my latest round of submissions for Vicious Memories.

Good stuff, boredom.  Whoever invented it must have been a real go-getter.

Has anyone else given this a try?  What’s the weirdest trick you’ve used to get more work done?  What was successful, what wasn’t?  What should I try if this stops working for me?

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  1. Great advice. Kinda bland, tho (just messing with a wine-opener, I take that back). Looking forward to The Sixth Point.

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