Successfully Cutting My Teeth On Pitmad


(Just a quick update, because life lately has been crazy!)

Every quarter, the twitter-verse (which, yes, is in an entirely different universe from ours) runs a contest called #Pitmad. During Pitmad, thousands and thousands of authors around the world pitch their works on twitter, going through the grueling process of writing and rewriting their hook lines to try and fit them into a single, 280 character tweet.

I’ve participated a few times before, without any success.

This time was different. This time I had a book I was passionate about. A book I believed in with my whole heart and soul.

This time, I feel like I won.

Ok, maybe that’s overstating it. But out of the thousands of authors who pitch their works during Pitmad, hoping to attract the attention of an agent or editor (who simply have to ‘heart’ the tweet to show interest, inviting the author to submit materials for their review), only a small percentage actually get a response.

It’s not a big deal if you don’t. I’ve gotten no responses twice before, both times for a different book than this one. In the screaming mass of a chaotic internet, going unnoticed is often not even an author’s fault. Luck and timing play a huge role in Pitmad success.

But this time I was lucky, and my timing was great (and, I hope, so was my pitch). I only got one request, but to me it meant the world (more on this to come, as I attended a writing conference this weekend and received two more submission requests, one of which was for the full manuscript!).

So, without further ado (!), here is the tweet that garnered the interest of a publisher two weeks ago:

Ash began lying when his father died. It took him far. All the way into the OSP, the secret order of Rabbinic Knights sworn to fight evil. But his father’s killer could be anyone, and in a world where Belief is Power, every recruit has an agenda.

Believe it or not, that stupid tweet took me about an hour of flip-flopping to come up with. I mean how do you get someone excited for a 400 page book in fifty words?

Now I’m hard at work preparing my manuscript for submission. It’ll be out in the hands of talented agents in just a couple of days, after which the waiting game begins. And by waiting game I mean I’m going to immediately start writing the next book in the series, because I’m so excited about where the story is headed that I might start screaming about battles and murders and treachery and have the neighbors call the cops in alarm.

Anyway, thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. Hope everyone is happy, healthy, and remembering to smile this morning.

See you all soon!

4 comments on “Successfully Cutting My Teeth On Pitmad”

  1. I’m so so so so so proud of you! This 280 character tweet would’ve totally piqued my interest if that hadn’t been there for weeks/months already!
    Well done, you, crossing all my fingers that the outcome will be all you hope and wish for!

    1. Thank you so much! It really means a lot. All my fingers are crossed to – honestly just having a manuscript requested at this point feels like a gold medal. Hopefully more exciting news to come!!

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