Author: David Ben-Ami

Even on Christmas

We’ve heard it all before – from books, articles, the words of advice from our friends, and the back of our minds too. *You should be writing every day.* Well for some of us it isn’t that easy. Or is it? Writing every day can seem like a challenge to us. I know it was

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Our Story’s Real Beginning

Almost all of the articles I read on getting a novel started these days are about good planning. Good planning helps us avoid writers blocks or painting ourselves into a corner. This is true – outlining and planning (at least a little bit even if we like to write organically) is very important to help

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Life Hacks

Life Hacks That really was too good not to share.  Number 40 still baffles me.

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Anchorman Two: The Legend Continues…

You don’t have to like writing to like comedy. Sure the humor is dumb, but if it makes you laugh, it makes you laugh, right? A good writing related question to insert here is this: which is harder to write, comedy for the big screen or comedy for print? I for one think the answer

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Keep your readers in…!

Keep your readers in…! Suspense! I think that this article about 6 ways to increase suspense in your novel (including some methods to avoid) is spot on.  As a thriller enthusiast and aspiring thriller novelist, I found them especially helpful, but I think that they can apply to any and all genres.  What do you

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Writing Is Scary…

…and it’s just so damn hard to sit down and do. Why is that? It’s hard for the same reason doing any piece of real work is hard. People have this misconception that writing is easy because all you have to do is sit on your computer and type a bunch of words in a

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Writers and Astronauts

The Overview Effect – it’s what the space traveling community calls the feeling astronauts get in space when looking down on the Earth from their windows.  Those who have experienced it say it reveals the true meaning of the word awe.  They get to see what our planet is like as a whole, removed from

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Introductions Suck…

They’re boring and usually strained.  So I’m going to skip a lengthy intro and just say a couple sentences about this blog. My name is David Ben-Ami and I love to write.  I also love sports, good television and movies, and being healthy.  This blog is about all of those things.  Yes it’s called Fiction

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