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Talk about uncertain times…

Robert’s Rebellion – How Surreal It Is To Live Through History

Disclaimer: Coronavirus is extremely serious – please stay safe.  Care for yourselves, your loved ones, and your neighbors.  Please be a good global citizen and think about the people who are in at-risk categories even if you are not, those who don’t have financial security if you do, and those without access to quality healthcare

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Today’s Word: Discipline

On those days that the inspiration is running low, what do we do? Do we shrug and say, “Okay, maybe tomorrow”?  Do we run down the street looking for whoever stole it from is?  Do we go to the store and order some more?  Do we search for it on Amazon Prime? NO! (Except maybe

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5 Reasons To Crush Today

It’s Friday, duh.  The last day of the work-week.  Good times ahead! (I talk like a pirate now). Today is always the only day we have.  Want to start or keep working out?  Want to start or keep working on your dream project?  Want to keep being productive?  There is only ever today to do

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A Book Is A Dream

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands.” – Neil Gaiman. The perfect way to kick off the week feeling inspired and full of wonder – words from Neil Gaiman never disappoint! Starting my Monday off with a lot of dreams and some good energy.  Early morning exercise -> Journaling -> Blog

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What I Want For My Birthday

Today I turn 28 years old. I’ve always thought of birthdays as bizarre times.  They’re full of hope and happiness.  Friends and family go out of their way to text you and remind you that they care.  They provide a perfect time for reflection, for optimism (or sometimes dread).

Monday, A Letter To All Souls

Dear David (and all other creators), Congratulations.  It’s Monday morning.  The best morning.  The one with the most possibility.  The morning that was made specifically for you, appended to the beginning of the week, a glittering collection of moments for you to seize and savor. You’ve successfully turned Monday morning into a time you enjoy

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This Hangover Made Me Smile

Hangovers are no fun – everyone knows that.  But today (on a day when I succeeded in getting out of bed at 1pm in order to eat a dozen pancakes and then got right back under the covers) I’ll happily choose a different point of view on them.

In 2020, Journaling Is My Best Friend

Sometime around October of last year (weird to say that about 2019 already, right?) I started journaling on any day that I planned to write.  For the most part, this meant that I would journal 6 days a week, sometimes 7, sometimes 8 (don’t ask it’s this whole complicated time travel thing). I was pretty

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Here we GO

6 weeks.  If I can just focus for 6 weeks I’ll be DONE. The book will be totally finished and ready for me to send off to my small list of beta readers for feedback before the query process. I’ve been writing furiously, like a MADMAN.  So furiously, in fact, that I’ve started CAPITALIZING random

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