Small Details Make A Difference

Ever overlooked a detail or powered through an exposition paragraph because you thought it didn’t matter?  What about fudging the specifics of a process because you were too lazy to look it up?  How about settling for something approximating the description you really wanted because thinking of the right word was taking too long?

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How Santorini Adds To Character, Setting, and History

Santorini is easily one of the most beautiful and inspiring places I have ever been.  It’s equally picturesque, full of interesting people (both locals and tourists), and stuffed to bursting with varied things to do.

Below are a few things I either did on the island or caught my attention so fully I had to write them down.  They’re fun and intriguing little anecdotes that I’m sure will make great additions to the characters/setting/history of many of our stories.

If you want to see what I have to say about Athens, you can check that out here.  But now we’ll move onto… Continue reading “How Santorini Adds To Character, Setting, and History”

Athens, Feta Cheese, And Inspiration

Athens is the home of some of the coolest mythology ever created.  Zeus, God of Thunder and Sky, King of the gods of Mount Olympus; Poseidon, Lord of the Oceans; Hades, Ruler of the Underworld; Dionysus (my favorite), God of Wine and Madness; Vacation God, Breaker of MacBooks and other Work Instruments.

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Follow Me To Greece

Athens and Santorini have always pulled on my imagination like an insistent child annoying the shit out of his mother (remember when I used to do that mom?).  The islands, the history, the views, the food… maybe running into a Greek god or two.

Starting tomorrow, June 16, I’m going to be realizing some of those long held dreams. Along with my girlfriend, her parents, and their family friends (thanks everyone), I’ll be spending 10 days in Athens and Santorini, and I couldn’t be more excited. Continue reading “Follow Me To Greece”

My 4th Blogaversary – What Blogging Has Taught Me

What can you learn about writing (and about yourself) after four years of blogging?

Today, June 8th, 2017, is an important day for me.  Four years ago today I started this blog, Fiction All Day, with a lame an irreverently titled post: Introductions Suck…  The very next day, I followed that pilot post with with another, this one about Writers and Astronauts.  Three days later I followed up yet again with Writing is Scary… (and apparently I thought ellipses in post titles were really cool). Continue reading “My 4th Blogaversary – What Blogging Has Taught Me”