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(Current WIP) – Updated August 2021

TITLE: Fallen Knight (The Sixth Point, Book 1)
STATUS: Finishing Draft 3.

For millenia, a secret order or Rabbinic Knights has defended the world from evil.  Ash Beckerman thinks they killed his father.  He’s also their newest recruit.  The only problem?  He isn’t really Jewish.  And in a world where Belief is Power, even gods have agendas.

TITLE: Vicious Memories
STATUS: Querying.

On a jungle covered island in the middle of nowhere, Oliver washes up with no memory.  He is swiftly found and detained by a group of people trapped in a situation eerily similar to his own, stripped of all memories, having woken up on the island after their ship wrecked there two years ago.

When one of the locals is murdered the morning after his arrival, Oliver must deflect suspicion and commit to finding the real killer.  But that requires traveling across the dark heart of the jungle and the darker memories of his previous life.  Because it appears that he has in fact retained a single memory from his past, one which causes him to both hate and question himself, and which shows him murdering someone he doesn’t recognize.  If he’s lost his memories, is he the same person who committed that atrocity?

As they fight off increasingly frequent attacks from a killer who seems to know Oliver, the pasts of those trapped on the island begin to resurface, forcing blame to fall in every direction.  Who they truly are, why they are here, what will happen if they don’t escape… it might all be more connected than they are willing to accept.

TITLE: Beacon Island.
First draft completed on December 21, 2016 – 119,000 words.  Shelved.

I bounced between a couple of projects before landing on this one, which I’m really excited about.  The story follows Ben Bishop, recently ousted CEO of Bishop Entertainment Group, on his trip to a remote and luxurious vacation island in the Caribbean.  As he gets drawn into the island’s mysterious and crime-ridden underground the question becomes, is he there for a much-needed getaway, or was he drawn to the island on purpose?

TITLE: Prospero
Completed on April 23, 2016 – 5,572 words

A short story about morality and the questionable decisions we must make when forced to weigh the value of certain lives against others.  Would you make the right choice?

TITLE: Embracing Ghosts
Completed on June 9, 2014 – 89,824 words.  Put away for now.

How many times can you run from your troubles?  After seven years away, Jim Price returns to his hometown of Frost, Indiana.  He believes he’s coming home to take care of his estranged and dying mother, but on the inside he knows he might just be running away from something worse than his old family problems.  Taking a job as a regular police officer, Jim throws away the title of detective to try and be a part of Frost’s police force.  But in the small and sleepy city a kidnapping and a vicious string of seemingly unrelated murders start tearing through the streets.  And Jim feels a ghost from his recent past lurking in his shadow.

(Doubtless you’ve heard the plot before, but everyone has to write a detective thriller at some point in their career.  What matters is how you make it your own)

TITLE: The Man in the Black BMW
Completed on June 16, 2014 – 9,685 words.

My absolute favorite out of anything I’ve ever written.

Bernard is an elderly man who spends his time in the same traffic circle day in and day out, enjoying the day and writing about the people around him.  Just like any author, Bernard likes some characters more than others, and the Man in the Black BMW is his favorite.  Elizabeth is 8 months pregnant and her husband is dying.  She struggles to be strong, but doesn’t know if she can raise a child on her own.  Bernard and Elizabeth never meet, but their lives are more connected than they could ever fathom, because sometimes even the most senseless events have more consequences than anyone realizes.

TITLE: Living in Memory
Completed – 3,000 words.  You can find it on the blog here!

An uplifting, but realistically tragic short story about Frank, a man with Alzheimers living in an old age home.  Struggling with lucidity, Frank has difficulty differentiating between the past, the present, and the life he wished he had lived.

TITLE: The Academy
Completed – 96,000 words.  Put away for good.

The first thing I ever wrote, and for whatever reason I decided to dive straight into a novel.  It’s a mess, it’s a knock off of Harry Potter, and it’s been shelved for good.  If I ever make it as a writer I may release it one day so that people who are discouraged by their first attempts at writing can see just how much progress practice can help you achieve.

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    1. The books have been shelved, probably for good. But if someone is interested in exchanging short stories to get some feedback I’m open to it. There’s a contact form in the main menu for people who are thinking about that. Not obligated if they aren’t interested, though.

      1. It’s all in the timing…there may come a day when it’s time to let one out of the closet and share with the world. You’d be surprised how some good editing can re-vamp an old story.

  1. Embracing Ghosts sounds good although the plot is familiar. I’m sorry to hear that you’re probably shelving your books permanently, especially since most of them are complete. I hope you change your mind one day. Let me know when you do. Your scenario reminds me of a 90’s writer movie called Mother. It stars Albert Brooks and Debbie Reynolds.

  2. Embracing Ghosts does sound interesting. A lot of plots have been done before but they still get my attention and this is one of those. If you’ve shelved it and never want it to see the light of day again then I know where you’re coming from though – I’ve done that with plenty of writing. If you want to send out some shorter stories to people who know how to do crits then drop me a line – I’m a practised workshop critic and I’m always constructive.

    1. Yeah I’ve had a half dozen people read it and the responses have all been great so far – very encouraging. I’m really happy about it.

    1. Awesome thanks so much for the tag! I’ve really been meaning to participate in that (I was supposed to a couple weeks ago oops), so thank you for the reminder. Rustav sounds really interesting, and I think the name itself is great

  3. I like the sound of the ‘Living in Memory’ story. Sometimes stories need to rest, don’t they? I wonder what dropping the ‘in’ from the title would do to the story? Does that work?

  4. But ‘Embracing Ghosts’t isn’t just a detective story. The subplots and the back story are quite compelling. I’m very interested in the family relationships, especially as they relate to the estrangement, The stories are all good. I’d love to see them in print.

    1. Thank you for the kind words – I’m really glad someone found the plot interesting. Hopefully one day they’ll be in print haha. Thanks for stopping by

  5. I love the sound of ‘Embracing Ghosts’, ‘The Man in the Black BMW’ and ‘Living in Memory’ – and would really like to read them all, so I do hope you will publish them! You clearly have a passion for writing. I hope the new project is going well. If you’re still up for sharing and critiquing short stories, I’d be interested. 🙂

    1. Good guess! Actually an Edgar Allen Poe ‘The Masque of Red Death’ reference, but I think that in itself might actually be a Tempest reference.

    1. Wow! Thanks for the kind words! Ghosts is shelved for now since I haven’t edited it yet, but having someone who knows what they’re talking about look over my work would be invaluable. When my next book is finished maybe you can be a beta reader, if you’d be willing, to tell me everything I got wrong! 🙂

  6. I hope you’ll go back to Embracing Ghosts too. You’ve written so much. Sometimes the editing makes the writing stronger and the story more compelling, but I think it’s less rewarding than the rush of adrenaline you get when you first create something.

    1. I know! The early efforts were disasters, but I should definitely revisit some of the more recent work to see if I have something worth rewriting. I have plot bunny syndrome haha. But I’m sticking with this manuscript I’m on now, and working it until it’s out there and published!!!

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