I’m A Frustrated And Insecure Writer, But That’s Okay

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions from friends and family about the book I’m writing.  Most days I welcome questions like these; they give me a chance to talk about my favorite subject and the coolest person in the entire world: Me.  But recently these questions have been making me feel shy for a minute or two, something that I’m decidedly not.  So I started wondering why this could be happening, and I came to a slightly uncomfortable realization.

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Murder On The Orient Express

Call me Hercule Poirot because I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out who killed Mr. Ratchett. Right now I’m about 200 pages into Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express and, despite the fact that this book would never make it onto the bestseller lists if it were published for the first time today, I’m enjoying the hell out of it.  Go ahead and strip away the … Continue reading Murder On The Orient Express

I Trick Myself Into Writing

There’s something beautiful about the metal pop that comes from pulling open a flip-top can.  Slide your nail under the aluminum tab, get some leverage, pull it open until the metal tears.  The sound is charming; a nice and sharp ‘click-crack-fizz’, followed by the slow hum of bubbles.

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Take Control, Why Positivity Matters

For some reason, 2017 seemed to churn out almost as many self-help / positive thinking / motivation focused books as it did detective thrillers.  Ok… wait… that isn’t impressive enough… Maybe it churned out almost as many as the entire mystery genre combined.  One second… think bigger…  Maybe it produced as many as all fiction books put together.  Maybe as many as all fiction books ever … Continue reading Take Control, Why Positivity Matters

Small Details Make A Difference

Ever overlooked a detail or powered through an exposition paragraph because you thought it didn’t matter?  What about fudging the specifics of a process because you were too lazy to look it up?  How about settling for something approximating the description you really wanted because thinking of the right word was taking too long?

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How Santorini Adds To Character, Setting, and History

Santorini is easily one of the most beautiful and inspiring places I have ever been.  It’s equally picturesque, full of interesting people (both locals and tourists), and stuffed to bursting with varied things to do.

Below are a few things I either did on the island or caught my attention so fully I had to write them down.  They’re fun and intriguing little anecdotes that I’m sure will make great additions to the characters/setting/history of many of our stories.

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