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Writing In Short Bursts

Friday afternoons are full of breaks between projects, and perfect for sneaking in some writing.  I’ve found that these ten minute snippets of time are often the best moments to knock out those smaller tasks that require short bursts of intense concentration. Right now I’m finishing some backstory on one of the characters in my next

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Your Conscious Or Subconscious – What To Use While Writing

It’s important to have conflict on every page.  And don’t forget to always drive the plot forward.  Make sure you’re always developing your characters.  Use tight sentences that convey a lot of information.  Write natural-sounding dialogue.  Build tension throughout the book and always increase the stakes.  Avoid the passive voice like the plague.  Be true

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Do You See a Picture?

Or do you see a story? So you’re an aspiring writer, blogger, creative artist, whatever you want.  Chances are you spend about 2/3 of your time pursuing your passion, and 1/3 of your time reading blogs or interviews of those who are already seen as masters.  For those of us trying to write, we read

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