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What They Don’t Tell You About Writing

Who are they?   They can be anyone – commencement speakers, mentors, authors at writing conferences, motivational coaches, life experts.  They help inspire us.  They tell us what we can do with our lives, with our writing.  Their words are sweet and move us to action.  They tell us that anybody can be a writer,

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Keys or Cursive?

Okay, nobody actually writes in cursive anymore.  Unless you’re from the ancient days when handwriting was an actual subject in school.  Like my mom.  But hey, it’s an alliteration and it sounds cooler than ‘Keys or Pens?’, or ‘Keys or Handwriting?’, or ‘Keys or Block Letters?’.  So I lured you in here.  Sue me. This question, no matter

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Have You Ever Been Struck by Lightning?

Not literally – though if you have literally been struck by lightning you can answer that question, too – but have you ever had an idea so explosive and exciting pop into your head that you felt you just had to go with it? I have to admit that this does not happen to me

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What Do You Listen To As You Write?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the magic of coffee.  Today I want to touch on the second motivational tool that makes my writing world tick.  Music. I know that not every writer listens to music while they write – some prefer silence, some prefer listening to the hum of activity around them,

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The Magic of Words

Proof that even fictional characters can give us the inspiration and wisdom we need to keep on dreaming. Every word, phrase, chapter, or series we create is a little piece of magic.

The Fear in Writing

Why is writing so scary?  I mean, it is, isn’t it?  Maybe not always, but every once in a while you look down at your fingers and pause. Then you glance up at the page marker and whether it says 1, 5, or 500, it doesn’t matter.  You think, “Wow.  I’m positive that what just spilled out

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Happy Writing

TedTalks seems to be on a roll here at FictionAllDay. ‘The Happy Secret to Better Work’ is a great, light video that is both inspiring and incredibly helpful. Shawn Achor is both charismatic and funny, which makes this 12 minute video seem even shorter. I’ll bet that we’ve all found it to be true that

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