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Microfiction – An Undeserved Hand

An Undeserved Hand The worst part about the pain, then, was knowing that it wouldn’t end anytime soon. Harold stared hard at his front door from where he lay on the asphalt.  Tiny streaks of flame, white hot, shot up and down his back from his left hip.  His mailbox towered overhead, uncaring, its contents

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The Third Dimension Of Character

I’ve been working on my characters a lot lately.  You know, those people who walk around your stories and never end up doing what you want them to?  (And no, I don’t mean my character, though that could probably use some work too). Characters are fun to work with.  It’s easy to think of them

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Do You See a Picture?

Or do you see a story? So you’re an aspiring writer, blogger, creative artist, whatever you want.  Chances are you spend about 2/3 of your time pursuing your passion, and 1/3 of your time reading blogs or interviews of those who are already seen as masters.  For those of us trying to write, we read

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