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Excavating a Plot

The biggest reason people read books is to find out what happens. Who is the killer? Why’d he do that? Will he survive? Will she get the guy? Will she reconcile with her parents? There are a million variations.  But my personal favorite, and in my opinion the most interesting, is: What the fuck is

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To Be the Best, Read the Best

Recently I’ve started reading through NPR’s top 100 ‘Killer Thrillers.’ Some of them are old, some of them are new, but they all share one thing in common: they’ll keep you up at night, and many of them will make you afraid to go to sleep. To write well, you have to read well. As

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Keep your readers in…!

Keep your readers in…! Suspense! I think that this article about 6 ways to increase suspense in your novel (including some methods to avoid) is spot on.  As a thriller enthusiast and aspiring thriller novelist, I found them especially helpful, but I think that they can apply to any and all genres.  What do you

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